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Now I am going to tell you about 35 types of candlestick patterns which include both bullish trend and bearish trend by which we can find out when the market will move from down to up or when it can move from up to down.

Most of the people prefer to buy those shares which are in an upward trend and they never like to invest money in shares which are going down and let me tell you one more thing that you can get the PDF file of all these patterns from below.

Upward trending candlestick patterns – (bullish candlestick pattern in Hindi)

Candlestick Patterns PDF hindi free

Green hammer is a candlestick pattern which is mainly formed at the end of a downtrend and indicates a rapid market reversal.

The body structure of this candle is small and there is a long tail-like line at the bottom. The bigger it is, the faster the market goes up.

Chart Patterns E-book Free Hindi

There is no upward line in this candlestick chart pattern. Let us also know the main reason behind the formation of this candle.

When the market opened, the sellers started selling their deals, due to which the price kept falling, but soon after this, buyers also came and dominated the sellers.

due to which the price started going upwards. At the end of the candle close, buyers dominate and that is why you usually get to see this type of hammer candlestick pattern

which is also called hammer or bullish reversal pattern. Its shape looks somewhat like a hammer.

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  1. What is Japanese candlestick patterns?
  2. Types of candlestick patterns?
  3. 35 powerful Candlestick patterns?

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You can know about the 35 most powerful candlestick patterns through this PDF. To download this PDF for free.

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You can download this PDF in both Hindi and English. If you buy this PF in the market, you have to pay ₹ 100 to ₹ 150.

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